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Ranking service parks through the eyes of a rally mechanic


As a rally mechanic in North America, I've worked a lot of National events in the United States and Canada. I decided to create a ranking of the service parks I've experienced at these rallies up until now. In no way does this ranking reflect my actual thoughts on the actual events themselves, just their services. For example the defunct Rally Colorado is third to last in this ranking, but I feel it was the most well organized and fun rally I have ever been to. And there is no secret that 100AW is not my favorite rally. more...

Jimmy Wrenches, 100Acre Woods Rally blog post.


Where do I begin this blog post? Do I start with talking about how proud I am with the whole team and how great the car ran? Or maybe with how much I hate 22 hour straight through drives to and from events, Or possible how sketchy Missouri is. I’ll be sure to cover most of these topics in my blog this week, but for now I’ll start with how the drive out and how the rally went. more...

Jimmy Wrenches, Rallye Perce-Neige. Blog post

The Clear Water Family

And so it begins, that is of course….Wait a minute; didn’t I already do this last week? If you follow along, you will note that just last weekend I was working with Wazoo Racing in Atlanta, Michigan for the Sno-Drift Rally, the first event of the 2010 Rally America season. Well with time spent on the road, and new friends made at the US-Canadian border, I found myself in Maniwaki, Quebec for the 2010 Rallye Perce-Neige, The first rally of the Canadian Rally Championship. Let me take a minute to explain to you Canadian rallying. more...

Jimmy Wrenches, Sno-Drift Blog post

Wazoo Racing at 2010 Rally-america Sno-drift rally.

Ahh and so it begins, That is, of course, the craziness of the 2010 Rally-America season. For 2010 I will be working with Wazoo Racing as their lead tech. In the off season I worked with Wazoo Driver/Owner Tim Penasack to help him rebuild his 02WRX into a 07STI to compete in the 2010 Rally America SP Class. Our first stop of the season was this past weekend in northern Michigan at the Sno-Drift rally. more...


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