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Submission Guidelines

Contributions of rally related news and editorial content can include but are not limited to the following topics that will be filtered by geographic region:

  • Each discipline of Rally Sport
  • Series and individual Event coverage (including Results and Standings)
  • Team and Competitor coverage and interviews
  • Organizational and Club updates and news
  • Racecar engineering and Technical news
  • Expert and Advise Articles
  • Reviews and Comparison Articles

Submission of news or content implies that you consent that the work is original, that you are the author or creator of the work, and/or that you own the full rights to publish and distribute the work.

Plagiarism or the infringement of rights WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

All information in the content you submit is accurate and truthful.

All submissions must include the following information separately from the content:

  • Your Full Name
  • The Full Date
  • Geographic Location (City, State or Province, Nation)
  • Topic or Subject of the Submission
  • Desired Title for the Submission

Priority will be given to editorial content that is accompanied by an image related to the content. Images submitted with editorial content must be high-resolution quality.

Priority will be given to the most relevant and recent news and content.

No offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, or inappropriate content will be accepted or published by World Rally Sport, whatsoever.

World Rally Sport cannot warrant or guarantee that your submission will be published, used, or used in the ‘Latest News’ section of the Web site.

Credit and acknowledgement for the content submitted will be given to the author and/or the media outlet, organization, team which they represent.

World Rally Sport will not remunerate or compensate for any submitted or published content. Submission of content gives World Rally Sport full rights to use the content, in part or in whole, for any purposes, commercial or otherwise.

World Rally Sport reserves the right to edit any content for clarity, flow, or grammar.

Submission of content implies that you acknowledge and agree that:

  • World Rally sport is not responsible or liable for acts of fraud, plagiarism, or copyright infringement or violation in any way.
  • You are solely responsible and liable for submissions that are fraudulent, plagiarized, or infringe or violate copyright or trademark laws.
  • Submission of content grants World Rally Sport permission to contact you via email about your submission (if necessary).

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