Ford Focus rally car SOLD!


It breaks my heart, but I need the funding for a different project, so I must sell my Foci.
The car is very reliable, solid, handles very well, is easy to drive and is in great condition; (no wrecks, stuffs, or anything even remotely resembling an off). Built by Davenport Racing.
I won Utah's M2 rallyX class last year in this, and without the current engine mods, and even a few races outright. I've also finished Idaho Rally both times I've raced it. The car only has 2 rallies on it, and about 8 rallyX's.

Without further adieu, here's some info on it:

-Zetec 2.0 engine, pushing about 150 /- HP
-MTX-75 gearbox with only about 12000 miles on it, and only like 250~ race miles
-Hotbits single-adjustable gravel suspension coilovers
-Kaaz LSD
-Reinforced strut tops
-CompCams aggressive camshafts
-4-2-1 Exhaust
-2.25" Exhaust all the way back
-NEW High flow catalytic converter*
-NEW FocusSport Oil Cooler*
-67mm Throttle body from FocusSport (I think that's where I got it)
-NEW FocusSport Poly motor/trans mounts*
-NEW FocusSport spark plugs-
-NEW Fidanza Lightweigh flywheel
-NEW ACT 6-Puck Stage 2 clutch
-NEW Moog front ball joints
-Newish race timing belt
-High-temp radiator hoses
-Reinforced welded strut tops
-Cage tied to front and rear struts and A, B pillar
-Hood vent
-WRC Focus wing replica from Wings West
-1/4" 6061 Aluminum skid plate
-Underbody protection
-Susquahenna Motorsports urethane Mud Flaps
-Racetech 4000RT Seats, FIA Homologated
-CROW belts with 2 years left on them before re-webbing
-Rally steering wheel
-Terratrip 303 Rally Computer
-Codriver light
-First Aid Kit
-Fire Extinguishers
-SVT Rear disc conversion
-4 RARE Compomotive TH wheels (very good condition) w/ Falken Medium compound rally tires (so-so condition)
-4 ZX3 Alloy wheels w/ Falken Soft compound rally tires (very good condition)
-4 16" steelies with Falken Azenis AutoX tires (very worn)
-4 Liquidmetal 16" alloy street wheels w/ BFG dry/wet street performance tires in okay condition
-Light pod
-Rally America logbook

-1 MTX-75 gearbox
-2 Rear wheel hubs and spindles
-A few rear trailing/control arms
-2 Moog tie rod ends
-Full set of spare Radiator Hoses

* Not yet installed

I probably have a few other things that I forgot to list, but this is most of it.

$8000 without seats/belts, $9500 with. Chances are though, I'll leave the seat mounts in it.

I'm a little bit flexible on price. Ask, and I'm sure I can work something out.

Email or call me. 801 498 0671

I live in Utah, and that's where the car lives too. I can get you a ton more pictures upon request.

ben hetland at gmail dot com


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Ben Hetland



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