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[size=150][b]MASSIVE PARTS CLEAR OUT[/b][/size]

1. Most of the applications would be for Subaru Impreza GC and GD chassis,
but some can be used on other models.

2. Will make package deals

3. There are also universal parts that can be installed into other vehicles.

4. Parts can be used for the following applications:
Street upgrade, Track, Race Rally

5. Parts are USED unless marked as NEW, a brief description of the part(s) is attached.

6. For more information please call or email, photos will be added ASAP.
Prices do not include shipping, applicable tax or paypal fees

7. Contact info: [email][email protected][/email]
8. Tel 905 877 1733
9. Tel 416 562 5078

[b]Engine Components, Engine Management and Electronics[/b]

• Prodrive black silicone intake turbo hose, 1 piece available for the 2003-2003,
WRX and STi (JDM) awesome for turbo restrictor applications $150

• Prodrive black silicone inlet hose NEW 2004-2007,
the difference between this and the early version is the amount
of output tubes/vac pipes. Awesome for Restrictor applications $200

• 2002-2003 JDM STi Version 7 gauge cluster,
this is a NON-DCCD cluster. $275

• 2002-2003 JDM STi Spec C 12 L water spray tank complete with pumps $200

• Hydra EMS stand alone set up,
o Plug and play for WRX, and JDM STi
o You will need to retune for your application.
o Version 2.5, will include wiring schematic for it.
o Controls anitlag, water spray and launch control
o $600

• Turbo Smart 4 port boost controller $65

• V34 turbo with 34 mm restrictor $750

** Bell mouth catless downpipe, $175.
The flange for the bolt on mid section was remove and
exhaust was welded. Some mods required.

• Stock WRX intercoolers with y pipes, no BOV, $135

• Intercooler -- Top mount thick core, OVERSIZED, excellent cooling
o Includes forge atmospheric blow off valve.
o Includes silicone and steel lower y-pipe,
may need to be modified to work on your application
o $400


[b]Driveline Components[/b]

• Transmisssion -- TY754VBAAA ,
o 5 speed pull type transmission
o JDM Impreza WRX & WRX STi
o WRX/STi Ver.V - VI MY99-00
o 4.44Viscous (4kgf)centre Open front diff.
o $1450

• R180 4.44 rear diff complete assembly plated LSD $900

• Rear R180 complete hubs 5X100 bolt pattern.
o Does not have e brake cables or shoes
o $500/pair

• STi rear axles $175 each, would like to sell as a pair.

• WRX Front axles $125 each

• WRX 5 speed propeller shaft $175

• Rear GD STi diff cross member
o This cross member has the solid mounts
o $150

*** Can also offer the Spec C single line power steering cooler.
As well as the STi joiner with the two u-joints.
(Does not use the rubber section as the WRX does)

[b]Brake Components[/b]

• K-sport Hydraulic hand brake
o Vertical handle.
o 3/4 master cylinder,
o Dial type hydraulic brake bias is also included.
o $250

[b]Brake calipers/rotors/lines[/b]

o Depending on which parts you require, I will supply the prices.

o The used calipers are gold colour, the black/grey was repainted.

o All seals and hardware are in good condition.

o 4 pot front brake calipers, with PFC 01 compound front brake pads.

o 5x100 front WRX rotors

o 5x114.3 front rotors NEW, gravel spec for 4 pot calipers

o 2 pot rear brake calipers,
 The rear calipers have scuffs and scratches on the top from sand and dirt,
but no issues with function.
 Will supply with or without brake pads.

o R180 191mm-ebrake application rear rotors

o R160 171mm-ebrake application rear rotors

o Can also offer NEW front and rear rotors for the following fitments:
 5x100 or 5x114.3 front gravel spec
 R160 or R180 rear knuckles
 5x100 or 5x114.3 rear gravel spec rotors

o NEW REAR backing plates
 To convert your Impreza WRX/RS/TS for use with the 2pot rear calipers,
(except the 2006 wrx, these come stock)
 If you use the backing plates you will not need any adaptors, less bolts to loosen off
under competition situations
 Also in stock R180 rear knuckle backing plates

o Steel braided line packages

o Brand NEW left front 4 pot caliper, grey in colour $275

o Brand NEW right rear 2 pot caliper, grey in colour $250

[b]Suspension Upgrades[/b]

• Lateral links made by White Lines.
o WRX/STi/RS Fully adjustable front and rear.
o With poly bushings.
o These use the C-style sway bar end links
o Includes the rear cambolt eliminators
o Set of 4, 2 forward and 2 aft arms.
o $300/ set of 4

**** Brand new STi 2004-2007 fitment STi "pink lateral links"
Set of 4, lateral links with pillow ball mounts.

• Front Lower Control Arms
o 2002-2003 JDM lower front control arms, pair complete with NEW Power flex front
bushing $375 pair.
o One single version 7 control arm LH front complete new, $245
o One single version 7 control arm LH front complete used, $175
o One version 8 lower control arm, excellent condition $200

• Front and rear Aluminum sway bay end links,
o With poly bushings, no rod end clunk.
o Machined aluminium
o Anodized blue
o Rear are the C-style endlink $100/pair
o For the front, $70/pair

• STi Tarmac suspension 2005-2007 fitment
o Can be used for Street, track, rally etc..
o Set of KYB track/tarmac rally suspension, for the 2005-2007 STi front big knuckles.
o Full coil over, adjustable base for height.
o Adjustable dampening with an extension for the rear shocks for easy access if
installed into a car with rear seats.
o Comes with coil over adjustment tools.
o Inverted front shocks,
o Front and rear upper pillow ball mounts with camber adjustment on all 4 upper plates.
o Uses “Swift” springs
o $1500 ready to install.

[b]Interior and Exterior Accessories[/b]

• Impreza GC Carbon door mirrors, one reflector is missing. $250/pair

• Co-driver checker plate foot rest with brackets,
o This is a universal fit
o $50

• Large roof scoop and vent flap set
o The flap is NOT the Grp N style, but it does fit under the larger scoop,
works really well

o Fiberglass upper roof scoop, Subaru fitment.
o $300

• Aftermarket hood scoop, 2002-2003 fitment large.
o Larger than JDM STi scoop
o $70

• Front felted flat door cards, for a 4 door GD chassis
o Carbon panels were used under the felt
o Felt used for antiglare.
o The carbon pieces are not very pretty, hence the felt
o $80/pair

• Dash board, upper section Flocked
o Includes gauge cluster surround, also flocked
o Upper heater vent on top of the dash, also flocked
o Includes custom heater core and fan
o Light weight
o $300

[b]Under Car Protection and Mudflaps[/b]

• Front inner wheel well inner liners
o Made from UHMW, white plastic
o Fitment 2002-2003 WRX/RS
o $100/pair

• Rear diff guard
o Original Subaru unit
o Steel construction
o $70

• Mud flaps
o Set of black urethane mudflaps.
o Very durable and will fit most Subaru rally cars/rallycross cars.
o $150/Set of 4

[b]Gravel, Mud and snow rally tires.[/b]

Yokohama A034 winter rally tire.
Size: 195/65R15

Awesome winter rally tire, can be used on snow, ice or a mix of surfaces
One compound only, SOFT

7 pieces remain, $185 per tire

[i]Yokohama A031 mud tire[/i].
205/65R15. (Actual size is closer to a 195/65R15)

Exceptional mud rally tire, can be used on mix of surfaces such as mud and gravel.
( This is the tire that won Rocky Mountain 2010)
Will also work on loose gravel
One compound only, SOFT

4 pieces only, $175 each, selling in pairs or the set of 4.


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