Ken Block Launches 2011 Gymkhana World Tour

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Ken Block, World Rally Championship driver and star of the immensely popular Gymkhana-series, is announcing his first-ever Gymkhana World Tour. The Tour will bring all of the action-packed, tire-shredding excitement of his viral videos directly to the fans.

“I’m stoked about being able to do this tour,” said Block. “Gymkhana is something that I love to do, and this tour is all about bringing it directly to the fans so that they can experience it live. It’s cool to watch it online, but being able to see it in person is a completely different experience. The way the car handles, slides and burns rubber is very different than any other car in the world.”

Ken Block’s 2011 Gymkhana World Tour will be comprised of three separate stops, with each one featuring its own unique look, feel and performance. The events will combine the highly anticipated driving performances by Block, as well as incorporating various professional motorsport athletes, including high-flying freestyle motocross action performed by some of the world’s top athletes.

“Each stop on this tour is going to be different,” said Block. “The course layout that I’ll be using at each one will have a unique design and I’m teaming up with some amazing athletes along the way to help pull off some special surprises for each event. I really hope that everyone who wants to check this out is able to do so, it’s going to be dope.”

Ken Block’s 2011 Gymkhana World Tour dates and locations:

July 10th – Vienna, Austria
July 23rd – Los Angeles, United States
September 3rd – Melbourne, Australia

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Photo: | Francisco La Torre


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