rally ready 2wd Open G5 Dodge SRT4 with spares package - former Mopar ProRally car - log booked

Temecula CA (SoCal)

this car was originally assembled in 2001/2002 as 1 of the orig. 6 'factory supported' Mopar ProRally cars - this was the least 'built' of the 6 but also the least raced - it only had 5 rallys in the log-book when I purchaased it in 2006 & I have added 6 more to it's history including winning the Rally America SouthWest Region G5 points championship in 2010! I have original build photos (built from BIW, never a street car) and 500 plus pics in my photobucket account just email me if you need the link.

reliable, fun and very fast!

well put together with: Dynamic suspension (rebuilt recently), Sky-Tec cage, Momo seats and wheel, Peltor intercom, Terratrip 303plus, 4 light pod (with 2 HID), also Rayzer internal HID lights (I can't see at night ), stock 2.4L turbo with Stage 1 PCM = 250whp, G-Force 5 year harnesses, rebuilt transmission, huge skid plate, carbonfiber fuel tank protector, etc, etc - CA registered and insured as a 2001 Dodge Neon.

nice spares package including: 12+ wheels, four 17" SRT4 wheels with tarmac tires, spare tarmac suspension, Dynamic spares, spare transmission (some assembly required), extra intercooler, exta alternator, spare PCM x 3, 1 with a custom 'beginner map' with low hp and flat tq curve, lots of suspension control arms, brakes, drive axles, plus totes & totes of small stuff

also includes 2 layer race suit (for someone approx. 6 ft, 200 lbs), G-Force helmet with Peltor mic, Hybrid Pro HNR, 4 jack stands, huge tarp, 4 car tie-down straps & pretty much everything else you need to go rally next month! (fire ext. may need recharge, otherwise READY!)

if you are assembling a complete MOPAR rally team I am happy to discuss including my Dodge Cummins QuadCab 4x4 service/tow vehicle and open trailer for an additional cost

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j szanto
Temecula CA



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