West Coast Rally Association

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“The West Coast Rally Association is a not for profit society dedicated to the organization, promotion and evolution of rallysport in British Columbia”

* To host high caliber events and functions in British Columbia.
* To build a supportive environment for its members to participate locally, nationally, and internationally.
* To provide a solid foundation for the continuation and growth of rallysport in British Columbia.
* To provide recognition to its members.
* To have fun rallying.
* The WCRA has a commitment to the general public and it’s members to conduct itself and its events in a manner that is safe, fun, fair and environmentally responsible.

This club runs a 5 part TSD championship each year, and puts on 2 of the 6 regional Stage events completed in the yearly championship series. For more information on the WCRA please check out www.rallybc.com

We are always looking for more volunteers/ more competitors.
We look forward to seeing you on the back roads!

Group News

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A reminder to all members that, this year's AGM is this coming Saturday at 2:00pm in at the Boston Pizza in New Westminster. I look forward to attending and I hope to see everyone there!

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As the New Year dawns, minds turn to the political side of Rally, both Club level and B.C wide. As Saturday, Feb 21st fast approaches, I hope to call on all the broad members of the WCRA to come out to the RPM AGM and put their voice into the future of the sport. This year I specifically call on those who have a future stake in events in B.C as organizers, committed volunteers and competitors. I am happy to see those people pick-up and carry on the tasks of those before them as rally in B.C weathers the current challenges ahead.

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Totem Rally

Hey Everyone,
Information about Totem rally should be going up very soon next week, as Paul is working on the Supp Regs today! After the first pre-run this weekend, we will be getting all the information we can out to you. I will get the Supp Regs/ Entry forms posted here ASAP.
We hope to have a good turnout, and we have many awards to give away. Overall TSD Champions 2007, HOD 2008, and Totem 2008. So hopefully there are many happy people! I look forward to seeing you roll into Cache Creek Friday night!


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