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VIDEO: Ken Block 's New (Livery) Ford Fiesta Debut & MWRT Rally Program Schedule 2010

You can now check out Ken Block 's Ford Fiesta under the spotlight and the Monster World Rally Team 2010 Rally America and World Rally Championship (WRC) Schedule. Sickness.

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VIDEO: Onboard Footage of Andrej Jareb's Monte Prologue Run

Jereb Andrej/Kacin Miran (Peugeot 207 S2000 - Car #23) on their run of SS99, the Rally Monte Carlo 2010 Prologue. The crew finished the stage 15th fastest.

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VIDEO: Adolf Hitler FURIOUS About Ken Block's Switch to FORD

Whoa. Who knew Hitler was such a committed SRT USA fan and Monster Energy drinker??? The emotional Führer bursts into a fit of rage when he gets the news that American Rally driver Ken Block has left Subaru and is now driving for FORD. He dumps all over TP and Mirra, too. Prepare to laugh and/or be offended.

This edit was produced and posted by TJ Lauters. Thanks to Alex Gelsomino of the Monster World Rally Team for the tip! (You can follow Alex on Twitter:

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VIDEO: The Best of DAKAR 2010

This vid presents the 'not-so-nice' side of the ever-challenging Dakar Rally, showing footage of competitors' grueling battles against the terrain in their race to the finish. Spills, thrills, rolls, flips, carnage, and all that is gnarly...a pleasant reminder of why the Dakar is the most demanding motorsport event in the world. Video after the jump.

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VIDEO: Dakar 2010 STAGE 14 SUMMARY - Grand Slam for the Despres team; Consecration for Sainz

The final Special Stage of the 2010 Dakar saw an intense battle between VW teammates Carlos Sainz (rally leader) and Nasser Al-Attiyah, with only a very small gap dividing the two going into SS14. Despite Al-Attiyah's aggressive performance en route to Buenos Aires, Sainz won the Dakar and was joined on the podium by Al-Attiyah and Mark Miller. Video after the jump.

VIDEO: Dakar 2010 STAGE 13 SUMMARY - Ullevalsteter Nails One; Al-Attiyah is Not Letting Go

X-Raid BMW Stephane Peterhansel wins the penultimate stage of the Dakar 2010, but Volkswagen crews continue to firmly hold the podum positions going into the route's final stretch into Buenos Aires. Nasser Al-Attiyah continues fighting to close his gap between rally leader and VW tammate Carlos 'el Matador' Sainz, but the former WRC champ looks to be claiming this year's title if he does not make any mistakes Saturday. Video after the jump.

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VIDEO: Dakar 2010 STAGE 12 SUMMARY - The Countdown Has Started

Chaos in the Moto category mixes things up with only four days left on the Dakar 2010, but Cyril Depres still holds a comfortable lead in first. Carlos Sainz wins the stage and continues to hold the overall lead, but VW teammate Nasser Al-Attiyah is fighting hard to close in on him. Video after the jump.

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VIDEO: Dakar 2010 STAGE 11 SUMMARY - BMW Owns the Day

It's the final week of Dakar and remaining crews have overcome the challenges of the Atacama desert and are now en route to Buenos Aires. Special Stage 11 was won by X-Raid BMW's Guerlain Chicherit while the Volkswagen crews of Sainz, Al-Attiyah, and Miller firmly hold the top positions as they battle one another for rally lead. Video after the jump.

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VIDEO: Dakar 2010 STAGE 10 SUMMARY - Just like at home for Coma, first for Sainz

Carlos "el Matador" Sainz claims his first stage win of Dakar 2010 moving into Santiaago, Chile and continues to hold the rally lead with Volkswagen teammates Al-Attiyah and Miller closely behind. Peterhansel and Chicherit remain in fourth and fifth overall, respectively. Video after the jump.

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VIDEO: Dakar 2010 STAGE 9 SUMMARY - Comas sprint finish, Al Attiyah claws his way back

Special Stage 9 of the 2010 Dakar took competitors into La Serena, Chile, but the route was shortened by the organizers due to foggy conditions in the early morning. Volkswagen crews locked up the top three positions today, with Nasser Al-Attiyah aggressively attacking the Atacama dunes to secure his third Stage win of this rally as he fights to narrow his overall time gap with teammate Carlos "el Matador" Sainz. Video after the jump.

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