My PICKS for top 3 "WOW" moments of 2008.

These three video's pretty much some up my personal choices for "wow" moments of 2008.

*The first is of T. Pastrana where his clear win at Sno*Drift disappears due to a drive by cookout.

*The second is ACP entertaining the crowds at X-Games 14 with his infamous front flip.

*The third, whether you like Ken Block or not, is a purely amazingly done video that deserves the massive attention it has recieved!

Well done to each of these driver's for creating my personal top 3 "wow" moments of 2008.

You have done your sponsors proud!


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    Pastrana hits Deer @ Sno*Drift 2008

  • ACP front flips Evo at X Games 14 2008

  • See Video

    Ken Block Gymkhana Practice


Great video choices, but I

Great video choices, but I think the gymkhana should go before the ACP, and possibly show part of the x games clip where dave mirra drove in reverse to finish, that was pretty classy. great videos though!




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