FOPIR - 2009

2nd annual fan appreciation day for Portland International Raceway also opening day. Hosted by Friends of Portland International Raceway.



Looks like good times!

Looks like the weather held out for you guys, how did it go?

Looks like good times!

The weather held out just

The weather held out just long enough. I was hoping for a down pour but I was probably the only one. Regardless, there was a couple wet spots on the track that allowed for some sideway's action. The event went well and had a good turn out. It is a great opportunity for people to drive the track, in the morning, that would normally not have the chance. There was even a nature walk led by the Audubon Society to explain what was planned to improve the tracks wetlands and to show off the variety of wildlife that calls PIR it's home. Funny thing was the wildlife was more disturbed with us walking around then the 20+ Porsche's screaming around the track in the afternoon.


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