NEFR 2009 Highlights - FLT

A few select shots from the 2009 New England Forest Rally in Maine, USA.

Round 6 of 9 of the Rally America Championship, July 17 - 18.



NEFR pixx

Thank U sir for taking posting a picture of me with my STi along with the shot of my nuclear reactor....

My pleasure! You've got a

My pleasure! You've got a wicked Subie. Next time I'm up let's go for a burn!

The WRS Team

next year

Find some time and we will burn the car to my place, jump in the pool to cool off and burn back to the rally b4 we loose the parking spot..

Nice Shots

Very nice shots. Liking the one of Block, and then low ground night shot. Very well done.

Thanks! Glad you enjoy

Thanks! Glad you enjoy them!

The WRS Team


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