Travis Pastrana - Red Bull's New Year. No Limits.

This set is a collection of Travis Pastrana videos leading up to the "Red Bull New Year. No Limits." Rally car jump. TP will fly a Subaru WRX STi off of a pier, over water, and land it on a floating barge with the intention of shattering the distance record for a car jump.

It also includes ESPN's footage of the ACTUAL New Year's Eve jump in HD!


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    Travis Pastrana's 450HP Subaru WRX STI distance jumper

  • CRASH! Travis Pastrana's World Record rally jump practice

  • Bumper Cam POV: Pastrana's last rally jump practice

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    Pastrana's FINAL practice before NYE rally car jump

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    Travis Pastrana jumps Rally car 269ft. (HD)

  • Travis Pastrana - The Kid, The Man, The Legend.


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