U.S. Rallycross Championship, Nov.7, 2010 New Jersey Motorsports Park

Who knew?

Sure, I had seen some X Games coverage, and recognized Kenny Brack from his IndyCar days. I went to New Jersey to have a word with Andreas Eriksson of Olsbergs MSE about his engine program, and caught a day of amazement in the process.

Sorry for the spastic photo selection, my interests were aimed in other directions...but this Rallycross deal, this is some pretty cool stuff.

I hope to see you all at the track in 2011, as the U.S Rallycross Championship expands its reach to pull in a lot more innocent victims. They are in for a treat.

Andy B, TractiveAction


  • Saturday's results...

  • Sunday begins

  • Subaru factory support also included a display of new cars in the paddock.

  • Olsbergs Motorsport Ford Fiesta RS, driver Jussi Pinomaki

  • Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta Mk7, driver Tanner Foust

  • Tanner Foust

  • Andreas Eriksson, Olsbergs MSE

  • Ford Fiesta..now at a dealer near you!

  • L/R corner

  • L/F corner

  • Office space

  • Stockholm, we have a problem....

  • The solution: Olsbergs MSE Ford Duratec

  • Outfield lineup. Attendance was estimated at 6,000

  • Early round action

  • Joker lap journies

  • Combatants return as the next heat awaits

  • Time for the Finals...

  • Let's light this candle!

  • Checkout time

  • Real racing is viewer enhanced with a real camera. Sorry 'bout that.

  • P4, Travis Pastrana, Subaru Impreza STi

  • P3, Liam Doran, Citroen C4

  • P3 is not as easy as it sounds....

  • P2, Ford Fiesta Mk7, Tanner Foust. Attachments still in place for car and driver

  • A Main man of the hour, P1: Toomas Heikkinen SAAB 93 ASS)

  • Time for all to party like a Rockstar

  • DNF – Jussi Pinomaki, Ford Fiesta. So you fly over from Sweden, crush the right side of the car on Saturday, lose an engine Sunday morning, and rip both ends of the car and a left front axle off in the A main. Let's do it again next year!!!


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